Freedom Of Choice For Long Term Care Services

long term care insurance choices

Americans are living much longer lives which is positive, but this is raising the costs of long term care, assisted living care, and nursing home care, thus the question arises how to pay for this care. With the demand increasing as the baby boomer generation retires the amounts can increase dramatically. This year private room [...]

Arizona Senate Passes Long Term Care Savings Accounts

long term care insurance arizona

Tuesday the Senate Appropriations Committee passed a bill making long term health care needs more affordable for the middle class family. Rep. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, sponsored House Bill 2713, that will residents of Arizona to invest or put aside funds into a tax free health savings account allowing them to pay for their future long [...]

Long-Term-Care Insurance Tips For Buying

long term care insurance tips

Rates for long-term-care insurance have increased between 5% and 17% when compared to last years insurance rates. A hostile White House administration to business and investments have caused low interest rates and low bond yields forcing insurance companies to either raise rates or removing long-term-care-insurance altogether such as the move by Prudential, and last year [...]

Saving Money On Long Term Care Insurance Policies

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When reviewing long-term-care insurance rates and plans you might expect to see big differences in costs and a more difficult approval process because MetLife and Prudential Insurance Companies are no longer selling long term care insurance policies. As of Mach 30th Prudential will no longer be accepting applications for individual LTC policies. In 2010 MetLife [...]

Planning For Your Long Term Care Needs

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The good news is that we are living much long then our parent’s and those decades ago, however Americans are not in the best of health in their senior years. Everyone should be making plans for their health needs during their retirement years, and what they need to prepare financially for varies depending on income, [...]

The Main Types Of Long Term Care Insurance

long term care insurance types

When it comes to the safety and protection of your loved ones and your assets, never leave any chance through which risk can arise. Make sure to acquire all the necessary coverage that can help you in be prepared in case of healthl emergencies. The long term care insurance can be a great package for [...]

Enjoying A Better And Secure Retirement

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Planning for the retirement is one of the top listed priorities of almost every individual. Old age is a time in life, when people retire from their work and wish to relax at the home along with their near and dear ones. But unfortunately, the amount of hard earned money left at that time and [...]

Long term care services regulated by the government

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Long term care services regulated by the government has been put on hold after all major research has concluded that government intervention into long term care will drive up the costs of care as it has done with health care and health insurance. The issue is no longer discussed in the Presidential or Congressional campaigns. [...]

Long Term Care Insurance Simplified

simple long term care insurance

Being incapacitated can become very expensive. AARP reports that a private room at a nursing or long term care home can cost around $74,000 yearly.  A home health care professional can cost upwards of $18 an hour. If you cant afford those costs today then try to imagine what those costs will be like in [...]

Qualifying For A Health Insurance Tax Deduction

long term care insurance tax deduction

You can take a tax deduction for your health insurance as long as it is in your name or your company name if you are self-employed. If your coverage under a different name such as your spouse or your spouse’s employer you are not able to take the deduction because it is already being claimed [...]