The House Votes To Repeal Bankrupt Health Care Law

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The House of Representatives is voting to repeal the bankrupt 2010 health care law that was supposed to offer long term care insurance. This comes months after the White House suspended the CLASS Act program. The government has been unable to find way to make it work, like most government run programs that end up costing the tax payers. The White House does not agree on repealing it and like many programs coming out of this White House has no idea where to get the funds to pay for it other then taxing hard working Americans. It’s simply another government subsidy that will go into the red and cost tax payers billions.

The health care law, CLASS Act, and the government subsidized long term care insurance law are all examples of an irresponsible President who has no knowledge of economics. This also shows how out of touch of reality this current administration is. If the government got out of the health care business there would be a lot less problems.

Experts have demonstrated that the new health care law presents a danger to the fiscal health of our nation and the health of every citizen. Because of the new law doctors are leaving the field, services are declining, and physicians treating seniors on medicare is shrinking. This current White House want to Euthanize our seniors. We had no health care problem 5 years ago. Its now this administrations agenda to make it a national problem so that they can nationalize it. I personally would like to see our politicians use this for their own health care instead of the royal treatment they receive. They all are out of touch with reality and the common man. The solution is we have family support and medicare for people with no assets. For people with assets private long term care insurance is an affordable service that accomplishes these goals without any government intervention.