Transamerica Long Term Care Insurance

Transamerica Long Term Care Insurance

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The first Transamerica Life Insurance Company was established in 1906, and purchased by the Dutch insurance provider, AEGON N.V. in 1999 because of its excellent reputation. The company’s headquarters is in The Hague, Netherlands, with over one hundred years of experience in healthcare insurance provision for individuals, couples, and the entire family.

Your choices now, will affect your lifestyle when you are ready to retire. Explore your options now, so you can prepare for a better future. Your current income, the rise in healthcare taxes, and inflation, are all factors that must be considered. Transamerica will facilitate and help you secure your future by offering tailor-made solutions to sustain you.

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  • A.M. Best Company (Best Rating, 15 Ratings): A+ (2)
  • Standard & Poor’s (Fin. Strength, 20 Ratings): AA- (4)
  • Moody’s (Fin. Strength, 21 Ratings) A1: (5)
  • Fitch Ratings (Fin. Strength, 21 Rating: AA- (4)
Transamerica Long Term Care Insurance

Transamerica Long Term Care seeks to provide the best in healthcare services to guarantee you a richer, stress-free life. A lot of people worry about their future after retirement; how they will be cared for, who will watch over them, etc. With Transamerica Long Term Care, you do not have to worry with these questions any longer. With the price of nursing homes and assisted living facilities growing steadily in recent years, the earlier you begin preparing for retirement, the better life you will have awaiting you.

After retirement, life continues. Most people just estimate the cost of living, but emergencies and unexpected crises still occur. The risk of house fires for people living in retirement is 2.4%. Severe car accidents involving retirees falls between 18 percent and 15 percent. Common, daily activities are also affected due to old age. Complaint reports of elderly losing ability and focus in their daily routines is at 72 percent for women and 44 percent for men. This is why it is important to plan for long-term care. It is never too early to begin planning for retirement.

The price of long-term care continues to rise. The earlier you begin saving, the cheaper the premium. In 2010, the national average cost for a nursing home was $80,000 per year. This price is almost impossible to afford, but not if long-term healthcare insurance is purchased early..

According to the American Association for Long-Term Healthcare 2010 report, the national average for the cost of assisted living was at $37,200 per year. Adding a personal aide cost an additional $21 per hour. And prices are expected to continue rising for senior citizens, especially if a history of severe health issues are found on record.

The national median hourly rate for hands-off assistants was $18, an increase of 1.98 percent over the previous six years. The services provided by these assistants include running errands and help around the house. Personal non-medical aid assistants have a national median rate of $19 per hour. They help with more personal services like bathing and dressing. The national median daily rate for adult day healthcare stands at $60. The national median rate for single occupancy one bedroom assisted living facilities is $3,261, which is a 2.39 percent increase over 2010. That results in a 5.99 percent six year increase. The national median daily rate for a nursing home is $193, which is a 5.75 percent increase over 2010. An annual rate for a private nursing home was $60,225 in 2010, but with a 4.35 percent increase, is now at $77,754 in 2011.

These numbers paint a grim future for anyone who is looking forward to a happy retirement without proper preparation. A happy retirement is still possible if you plan early. Your future is dependant on the decisions you make today. By choosing Transamerica Long Term Care, you will have made the first step into a happy and secure future.

Start with a long term care insurance quote from Transamerica Long Term Care Insurance, and begin a secure life today.

1Current as of August 15, 2011